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What’s Up Wednesday

Once a month Sheaffer & Shay share a What’s Up Wednesday. I’m excited to link up with them to share what’s been going on with myself and my family.


I typically cook Monday-Thursday (but try to at least have one meal that will last two nights). This week was a little different because I didn’t have to cook Sunday night since we were celebrating our nephew, Wyatt’s birthday.

Monday night I made Instant Pot Crack Chicken Casserole. It’s always a family favorite, and it’s what we ate Tuesday evening as well with a salad or fruit as a side. The recipe is from Pinterest 🙂

I try to eat low carb at least two days a week, and one of my favorite low carb recipes that even my family loves is Crustless Taco Pie which I will make tonight for dinner. I will even have some left over for Thursday’s lunch. I hope to share that recipe next week.

Thursday evening, everyone may kind of be on their own for dinner. Between cross country practice and Curriculum Night at school (and I have dinner plans with friends afterwards (This may be news to Travis! ;)) , dinner may just have to be pieced together. I have discovered Hormel’s already cooked taco meat recently, so that’s something I usually have on hand if anyone needs to throw tacos together for dinner in a pinch.

The chicken option is great as well!

Friday and Saturday night, mom is off duty from cooking! We usually get carry out one night and eat out another evening…then it’s time to plan groceries all over again for the next week. 🙂


Hadley back at the ballet barre. When she was in kindergarten, she took a combo ballet/tap class. Then, took a few years off, but started back with a hip hop class last year. This year, along with hip hop, she’s added a ballet/tap/jazz combo class and is loving it. She’s growing up right before my very eyes. Side note: we have NO clue where she got her grace and rhythm…but dang, she’s got it…and loves dancing so much…which makes me so happy #dancemomtipsplease



Homer’s new bow tie collar from Amazon. I told him it’s time for him to dress for success…and by success, I mean quit chewing on flip flops, hopping on the couch with muddy paws, and bringing dead birds into the house. #hecutetho #Amazonforthewin


All the activities and school work on repeat. News flash: fourth grade is no joke. Multiplication, reading, homework + cross country, soccer, dance. Repeat.

Also, we celebrated cousin Wyatt’s 5th birthday at his party this past weekend. It’s hard to believe he’s already five…next year, he’ll be at the same elementary school as my kids…

Meeting Wyatt, Wyatt’s first birthday party, and celebrating #5
Birthday boy!
Wyatt’s a big fan of Spongebob!

We also had family visit this past weekend. GG & Gma came to town for Wyatt’s party!


These days, setting an alarm! Sleeping in during the summer (even until 7:00!) was such a luxury. I always give myself grace for the first few weeks of school, but hope to get back to my early morning workouts next week. It’s always difficult getting out of bed, but always worth it to have the workout over for the day by 7:00 AM.


Learning my students’ names! We’ve been in school for two full weeks. I always tell my students to give me until Labor Day to learn all of their names. I think I’m to the point where I know the names…as long as they stay in their seats in alphabetical order 🙂 My memory for 150 names isn’t what it used to be.


I’m sooooo excited to cheer on Hayden and Hadley when they run for their school’s cross country team. Cross country (and track) has been a HUGE part of Trav’s family for most of their lives. Trav was (still is) a runner; all Hayden and Hadley’s older cousins started running when they were in the third grade and some continued on through high school, college, and even at the professional level. XC is such a great mix of being both an individual and a team sport. Travis worked with one of the teachers at the kids’ school to create the first ever XC team. The number of kids who signed up was completely overwhelming. Travis was hoping for twenty runners and at last count, they had over NINETY third, fourth, and fifth graders sign up. I hope Hayden and Hadley always remember what their dad has done for them, and I can’t wait to see what they (all three!) accomplish. #CoachWhitehasawhistle #powerplay

Ready for the first practice


I’m in the back to school reading slump, so I just finished reading The Art of Racing in the Rain this past weekend. I started reading it right before heading back to school, and took the time to finish it Saturday morning. I really enjoyed it. Of course, anything with a dog as the main character, will most likely be a fave of mine to read. Now, I’d like to find the time to go see the movie. I hope to get back to my normal reading routine soon…but first I need to get back to staying up past 9:00 #backtoschoolteacherlife


I started listening to podcasts about a year and a half ago, and I usually only listen to them when I work out. The first podcast I ever listened to was Finding Richard Simmons. Yes, you read that correctly. 😂 I loved it. Anyway, now some of my faves are Sunday Sitdown with Willie Geist, Distracted & Aggressive, and Living and Dying in LA. I hope to get back in my podcast routine when I get back to my morning workouts next week.


This peplum high low sleeveless top from Amazon on repeat. I also have the short sleeve version in light blue and light pink. I heart shopping on Amazon. All of these tops are easy to dress up or down which I love.

I’ve been subscribing to Stitch Fix for about three years. I receive an order once every three months, and usually end up keeping a couple of pieces. I love the fact that I receive items that I probably wouldn’t have necessarily chosen for myself , like this floral top, but end up loving. This top is perfect for school or church or anywhere in between.

It’s sooo awkward taking photos of myself. Is it weird that I’m always headless?

Also, I’m back wearing pants that button . Because school. And I’m professional like that 😂 Since summer clothes mostly include swimwear and athletic wear, it’s always an adjustment to wear real pants and shoes that aren’t flip flops!


Well, it’s football time in the bluuuuegrasssss…which means tailgating most weekends. The first game of the season is this Saturday. While I don’t necessarily bleed blue and always keep an eye on my (MU) Tigers, the city of Lexington comes alive when the CATS take to the turf for the first game of the season.

This pic is from the 2018 football season. Fun fact: their Uncle Chet took the pic of the wildcat for the backdrop!


All things pumpkin. I love decorating our front porch for the fall.

This is what’s happening in our part of the world. Once we get into a groove after starting back to school, this is my favorite time of the year. Routines, cool(ish) air temperatures headed our way soon, fall sports, apple cider, and cozy sweaters! The best time of the year is right around the corner.

I hope you have a great day,



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