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Flashback Friday

We’ve survived the first two weeks of school. While I’ve been setting an early alarm for two solid weeks now, the kids have been able to ease into the back to school routine. In our district, students started on a Wednesday, so it was a three day first week of school last week; this week they had school Monday through Thursday with a teacher work day today.

I thought I’d share a little flashback of through the years on the first day of school, although I’m not sure why I do this to myself. 😂

First day of 4th Grade

They definitely are looking like the big kids of the school this year.

And old enough (& I guess responsible enough?!) to ride their bikes to school.

Big kid status!

First day of 3rd Grade

Back when Hayden would wear his glasses and not just his sports goggles.

First day of 2nd Grade

2nd grade pic is one of my faves. They look older but not too old…and I loved their back to school outfits that year because they actually did pick them out themselves.

First day of 1st Grade

I do think 1st grade pic is my fave. Hadley’s outfit is the best…bow and all.

First day of Kindergarten

Ready to rock elementary school.

And just for fun (or a kick in the ovaries)…

April 2010 –First day going to their sitter’s house.

Ms. Joan watched them until they went to kindergarten. Such a special lady! ❤️

Babies don’t keep, & time continues to fly by.

I hope you have a great Friday,


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