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Thursday Thoughts

Hello! Happy Friday Eve. I hope you’ve been having a great week.

Earlier this week I was updating my “to do” list, and realized how handy the “Notes” app is on my phone.

Then, I got to looking, and I have around 60 different notes on my phone. I’m not sure how they all got organized, but some are in iCloud, some Gmail, and some Exchange.

Here are some of my notes:

  • Gift ideas: I started doing this a few years ago because once October rolled around family started asking for gift ideas for the kids (who have November birthday and then of course Christmas) I also add in ideas for gifts I may buy the kids, Travis, and family members as well.
  • Quotes: I love a good quote!
  • Blog ideas: I still plan my blog posts on a paper calendar, but will keep a running list of ideas that pop up and then just use my calendar to plan.
  • Trip ideas: This list isn’t super long, but I will occasionally think of a place I want to tell Travis about or just to keep a list of possible vacations.
  • Ulta: (Remember: I’m not a beauty blogger! haha) When someone shares a product I may want to try in the future, I add it to my list. Also, I have some products I use pretty regularly, and I keep those on that list as well.
  • House projects: At the first of the year, we usually plan house projects (like this year, we wanted to buy new interior shutters and shades), and I keep an ongoing list on my phone.
  • Workouts: I usually do beach body workouts, but I even jot down those for ideas on switching things up.
  • School notes: Lesson plan ideas pop into my head at the most random times, and I will keep ideas on this list.
  • Books: I’ve been using the Goodreads app for over a year, but I still keep a list of a few books on my phone. I also have a note with the books I’ve read since 2018.
  • Recipes: I have a few quick recipe ideas that I keep on this note. Rather than Pinterest or a cookbook, I keep a few “go to’s” on this list.
  • TV Shows/Movies: If I see a show that interests me, I will add it to this list. Also, sometimes I prioritize what I want to watch on this list. We don’t watch tons of movies, but I will make note of ones I’d like to watch as a family. Of course, I add movies to my Netflix, Hulu, Amazon apps, but I still like a list.
  • Podcasts: I will keep a running list of what I’d like to listen to even though I’m not the best at keeping up with podcasts.
  • Organization: Usually in October, I make a list of things I need to clean out or organize like the kitchen cabinets, my bedside table, the hall closet, and more. I delete them as I finish up that organization.
  • Kids’ running and swim times: It never fails that we’ll be at a meet and one of the kids (or Trav) will ask a previous time. They know I’ve got them covered.
  • Kids’ measurements: When the kids were about five, I made a note and jotted down height and weight at their yearly checkups. It’s always fun to see how much they’ve grown. Also, those measurements come in handy sometimes when I’m ordering clothes for them.
  • Professional development: We have to complete 24 hours of PD every year. I do most of mine in the summer, and we have a teacher who keeps track of what we turn in. That being said, I keep a list of my hours until I know I’ve been given credit for them.
  • Goals: I will often update monthly goals on my list. Some goals stay the same like “workout four days a week and drink water,” but some are more specific if I have a goal for the month like “cut back on sweets” or “track what I’m eating.”
  • OPI faves: I like to keep a list of nail polishes on hand for when I go get a manicure or pedicure. Nothing stresses me out more than when they hand me the big ring of nails for me to choose a color. I’d rather just know what I want!
  • Trader Joe’s: I will keep a list of my favorites or “go to” TJ items, but I will also add new items that I see that I’d like to try.

My most frequently used note:

  • This Week List: I have a weekly list that I edit day to day and week to week. On this one list, I include practices, workouts, errands, and things I need to do. I’d be lost without this list.

I also email myself a lot when I think of things that I need to remember to do.

Am I normal? ๐Ÿคฃ

Do you use the “Notes” app on your phone? What lists do you keep?

See you back here tomorrow for Friday Favorites.