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December Monday Memes

It’s already Monday…and a five day work week…BUT winter break is right around the corner. I thought I’d keep it simple on this Monday and share my monthly memes that make me laugh out loud.

Like most everyone, I’m juggling all the things–school, science projects (ugh!), holiday parties, school parties, Christmas cards, grocery shopping, kids’ activities, Christmas shopping, etc (with the help of Travis), but I still feel like this is me…

I still cherish my “me” time in the morning. I get up 45 minutes before the rest of the crew to have some quiet time. Now, I enjoy my coffee with the lights of the Christmas tree which makes getting up a little easier. Peace. Quiet. Coffee. Repeat.

Holiday humor 😂

I’ve seen this meme a few times and it always makes me laugh! To be honest, Travis is as helpful as I need him to be. He knows I like making a list, getting a plan, making sure each kid has the same amount of presents, etc…but he really will wait for what I may need help with like picking up gifts here and there. Also, he’s usually in charge of getting the best deals on the bigger items. Even with all his help, the meme still cracks me up.

I saw this meme last year, and, again, laughed out loud!

No offense to anyone named Susan 😉 I’m definitely living day to day at this point.

I’ve always loved this cartoon. So funny.

That’s it for this Monday’s post! I hope you have a great week! #survivalmode

Take care,


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Monday Memes: November

Happy Monday! Whew…we had a hectic weekend (I feel like this is a trend), but it was a fun weekend filled with two (a bit early) birthday parties for Hayden and Hadley (one for friends and one for family…because that’s how I roll!) as well as a Girl Scout field trip.

So, I’m keeping today’s post short and sweet with some of my favorite memes.

This first meme is “so me!”…but I roll lots of what they “need” into birthday gifts as well.

This second meme is also very much me…I’m all about staying home and bonus if I don’t have to get out of my pjs.

This is how I feel every time I go to TJ Maxx, Target, and Home Goods.

This one just made me laugh…and it’s certainly how I feel when I ask my kids to take a shower or go to bed! Thankfully, I didn’t feel that way when we had 12 kids spending the next last Friday.

I loved this graphic about introverts. Sometimes I think introverts are misunderstood…myself included. Also, I think it’s important for those who have an introvert in their life to love, that they understand things introverts love.

With such a hectic weekend, I wish the next meme could be me today, but I need to get caught up on all the things. I’ve penciled in next Sunday for this meme to apply to me. haha

I hope you have a great week!


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Monday Memes: October

After a busy weekend and rolling into another busy week, I thought I’d keep today’s post short, sweet, and funny. I live for memes!

It’s finally feeling like fall, and this meme literally makes me laugh out loud…because it’s true!

Kids’ activities…am I right? Thankfully, my kids aren’t too wishy washy on what they want to participate in, but I feel like there’s always some kind of sign up sheet for something…

I always have big dreams of healthy eating on Sunday when I place my Click List order, but by Thursday, I’m reminding my kids to open the fridge for a snack or two rather than binging on Pringles.

There isn’t a chore I hate more than doing laundry. I’m really good about starting it, really bad at leaving it sit in the dryer for days, and even worse about putting it away. I do find that it’s easier to wash all of Hadley’s clothes in a load, all of Hayden’s in another, and then do Travis and my clothes later. The kids tend to have a full load to wash each week…especially Hadley…girlfriend, changes her clothes a few times a day. #killingmeslowly I usually get away with doing my laundry every other week or so. Once the kids started coming home with a sitter after school (rather than stay at the after school program), they now have more chores…one of which is to put away and hang up their clothes…which tends to be a Tuesday chore. I think they probably listen to the sitter better than they listen to us, so I appreciate that she handles this chore on Tuesdays.

Me. Always. Forever. Amen.

With a very hectic week of school for me last week, on top of a busy Saturday with state cross country meet, and Hayden’s soccer game, Travis and I almost didn’t cash in on having a free sitter (my mom was in town) for Saturday night dinner out…but we did. That being said, everyone in my house was in bed by 9:00 on Saturday, and I spent Sunday trying to get my life together and get organized for the week. If you are keeping track, I still don’t have my life together (haha), but at least I always feel better starting the week with a solid plan.

One more funny…

The kids took a government test in class…both received a good grade, but I had to laugh at Hayden’s test…The correct answer was all of the above , and, well, Hayden did circle all of the above. 😂

I hope you have a great week! Happy Monday,


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Monday Memes: September

If writing memes could be a job, I feel like I could be a millionaire…especially the sarcastic memes (#sarcasmisagift)

Mondays can be difficult, so I thought I’d start the week off with a laugh or two 😂

Poor Travis. This first meme is definitely me. #notamorningperson I wake up 45 minutes before the rest of the household to get my “me time” in and start my day off right…& I still don’t really want to talk to anyone when it’s time to wake the crew.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times…I’d rather hang out with my dog than hang out with most people…Just saying …dogs love you unconditionally, they don’t judge you, and they just want to snuggle.

If I don’t know you are coming over, I’m probably not answering the door. Safety first combined with the fact that if I’m home for more than 30 minutes, I’m probably in my robe.

English teacher humor. 😂

1. About the only science I actually know. 2. Why are my kids hungry all of the time?

I want to decorate for autumn so badly, but I’m going to need Mother Nature to drop the temp about 20 degrees, please.

Not a meme, but Hayden found this card at Kroger, and I literally laughed out loud!

I hope everyone’s Monday includes a laugh or two!

Take care,


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