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Tuesday Talk

Hello! Well, today’s post could also probably be more of a “Thursday Thoughts” situation, but it’s Tuesday, and this is what I have planned. 😆

Well, the fact that I feel like we are on the move 24/7 combined with the fact that in less than a week I will have two teenagers, the rapid pace at which time is flying is definitely weighing on my mind and on my heart.

I feel like I’m constantly thinking about how quickly time is flying by. Of course, we’ve all seen this quote:

Then, I saw this quote recently, and it, combined with an article Travis sent me last week really has me thinking about life, parenting, the kids growing up, and more.

I feel like sometimes I’m hypersensitive to trying to raise good kids. At school, of course, I see students with various backgrounds, learning needs, behaviors and more. I really try to help my own kids by setting an example, teaching them manners, encouraging them to do the right thing, and to always try their best.

My mom taught 7th grade Language Arts for 31 years. She would joke that when my brother and I were in middle school, those were some of her hardest years because she was around teens 24/7. I can now certainly now see why she felt that way.

My waking minutes go from wanting to spend quality time with my family, to creating memories, to helping with homework, to nagging about missing assignments. At the end of the day, I’m tired. I often feel like I’ve dropped the ball or fallen short somehow. Also, to be clear, my kids couldn’t be more different. I have to remember that and try to cater to their wants and needs while also encouraging them and talking to them. Y’all, parenting is not for the faint of heart.

Here’s the article Travis saw on Facebook:

*Sigh* This certainly hits home. It gives me all the feels. This quote was a lightbulb moment for me:

“I realized that it’s not time speeding up –it’s the amount of time I have with my kids each day is dwindling.” Seriously, it stopped me in my tracks.

It’s no newsflash that my kids are busy. Honestly, it’s better that they are busy, in my opinion. There’s a difference in being “burned out” or forced to do something they don’t want to do and being busy. That’s not the case with them. They are learning how to manage time, work with others, advocate for themselves, take risks, and more. That being said, because they are so busy, I do get less time with them. There are week nights where I get one hour at home with them, and they are usually doing homework.

I often feel like I blink and the weekend has passed. I also tend to live “season to season,” and it’s always so crazy to me when summer rolls around, and they are another year older. Also, it’s a blessing to experience so many events and milestones twice at the same time. That being said, I don’t get to do many things over again. For example, we only had one first day of Kindergarten. That also means once a chapter in life closes, it’s usually feels like a slammed door on their childhood without a younger sibling to keep a tradition or spirit alive. I’ve always wrestled with these thoughts, and it’s why I never hesitated to use a personal day to go on the pumpkin patch field trip or volunteer at field day. It’s why I celebrate birthdays big. It’s why I cling to traditions.

A few things:

To make myself feel better, I came up with a list of a few things I feel like we’re doing “right” in order to make the most of the time we have together as well as showing the kids how much we care.

  • Have dinner together as often as possible: We have dinner together most nights. It just means I have to plan ahead, and I’m willing to do that if it means we can all sit at the dinner table together even if it’s not until 7:45 at night.
  • Continue traditions: Busy schedule or not, I like to keep traditions alive. Some things happen more naturally like going to football games, but other things like going to the pumpkin patch, carving pumpkins, and seeing the Christmas lights at the Kentucky Horse Park are now more scheduled.
  • Show up for them: We’ve been pretty lucky that even with Hayden and Hadley’s activities, we both can usually can make it to most everything. I want them to hear me clapping after they score a point. I want to be the one they see after a race or performance. I will cater my schedule to them, but they are also at the age where I’m able to offset that and run errands or workout at another time because they are old enough to be home alone or at an activity on their own.
  • Encourage them: Travis and I both encourage the kids to try new things, push themselves, and advocate for themselves. Now is the time to “take risks” while they have the safety net of us at home.
  • Celebrate effort, not just outcome: I want them to believe in themselves, set goals, and learn from mistakes whether that’s in the classroom, during a race, or on the volleyball court. I don’t mean that they need praised for everything, but I just mean I know when they are nervous or hesitant. So, when they’ve given their all and shown growth, I applaud that.

So…that’s just a little bit of my heart lately. I’m having a hard wrapping my brain around where these years have gone, but I know I’m not the only one in this boat.

Whether it’s the “Days are long…” quote or the Major’s (my dad) quote, “Time continues to haul a$$,” time sure feels fleeting.

That being said, it’s not lost on me that I have two happy and healthy kids. They aren’t perfect, nor are we as parents. We’re in this boat together…and to quote Coach Cal, “I like my team!”

We’ve gone from this:

…to this:

in no time!

Feel free to share your parenting tips with me! Why do I feel like I’m going to blink, and they’ll be driving…or tossing their graduation caps in the air?!

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Friday Favorites {#124}

Well, we made it to Friday! This week was a doozy with school (of course) and then plenty of kids’ activities every night. We’re ready for the weekend, but it looks like I will need to set an alarm for Saturday wake up. Oh well…it is what it is…

Today, I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika for this week’s Friday Favorites.

Here are some favorites from the week:

Favorite Pic:

We got Hadley’s dance studio headshots back, and there were so many good ones. It was hard to narrow down a fave, but this is the one I ordered…I can’t believe how grown up she looks!

Favorite Moment:

Speaking of grown up…Hayden (and Coach White!) had his first cross country race of the season, and I apparently need to train my eyes to look for a big kid out there running. I almost missed him as he ran by. He’s off to a very solid start with a second place finish. He’s put in a lot of time (and miles) this summer, and I can’t wait to see what he accomplishes this season!

Favorite Clothing Item:

I’ve been making a point to “shop my closet” (Travis really appreciates that too!), and I’ve shared my school teacher outfits the last couple of Wednesdays.

I was reunited with these Matilda Jane pants during my closet clean out, and I really loved Monday’s outfit. I felt put together and comfy all at once.

Favorite Scent:

Sunday started off cool and rainy, so I did exactly what you’d expect me to do: I lit a fall scented candle, of course. I’d been saving this Antique Candle Co. one for just the right time. The warm caramel crumble scent was a favorite way to start the day.

Favorite Food:

I tried a new slow cooker recipe (Creamy Crockpot Crack Chicken) this week, and it was a hit. I will definitely make it again. I only used two chicken breasts, and next time will use at least one more to guarantee leftovers.

Favorite Kid Quote:

Nothing in particular stood out this week, but instead just some extra one on one time with Hayden. Travis has been extra busy in the evenings (Hadley too), and it was just Hayden and I for dinner on Wednesday night. It was nice to have some solo time with him.

Favorite Mom Meme:

Or unload the dishwasher!

Bonus Fave: Flashback Friday

With cross country starting back up, here’s a little throw back to the kids’ first ever race when they were in Kindergarten. I’ve shared this before, but they were even in the local online magazine. They were so little…

Weekly Recap:

Here are my posts from this week…a little of this and a little of that…

What are your weekend plans? I don’t think we have much going on tonight, but Hayden has a cross country meet tomorrow, and then we have some other odds and ends to get accomplished this weekend.

See you back here Monday for some of my favorite memes this month.

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First Day of School


Well, we all survived the first day of school. Overall, I’d say it was a success.

While I’m always sad for summer break fo end, this was me by Tuesday evening:

On Monday, my district held a convocation at Rupp Arena. That meant that I had to be at school by 7:15 (earlier if I wanted the catered breakfast!) to board a yellow bus to Rupp. We were at convocation from 8:00 until about 1:00 and then we had time to work in our rooms. Then, on Tuesday, we had a faculty meeting and professional development from 8:30-1:00 with more time in our rooms in the afternoon.

Even though our county is in the “red” for Covid, we are still mask optional. The superintendent’s stance is that Covid is everchanging, and we’ll continue to navigate however we need to. The motto on wearing (or not wearing) masks is “Either way is ok.”

This summer felt so short, but it was great to finally see students on Wednesday.

Back to School Brinner:

We had our Back to School Brinner on Sunday. Hadley had dance late the two nights before school started, so I thought breakfast for dinner on Sunday would be good.

I pulled out my tub with supplies from last year (plus a couple of new additions), and set up the table.

I’ve used this same chalkboard since Kindergarten. 🙂

This year, I wrote a few things on the paper “runner” which I think the kids liked.

I picked the kids each up a book and a Bundt cake to add to their place settings. Otherwise, I used the same folder, plate, and napkins as in previous years.

Unfortunately, Travis was out of town, but I set a place for myself too!

I served fruit along with muffins and yogurt.

I also made Shay’s Bacon and Tot Casserole, and it hit the spot.

We all enjoyed dinner and chatted a bit about summer and the new school year. It’s a fun tradition that I hope the kids will let me do through high school!

First Day of School Photos:

We had a pretty easy breezy morning. I did wake the kids up a bit earlier than they will typically need to wake up, but I needed to get those first day of school photos.

This time last year, Hadley was a head taller than Hayden. He sure has caught up!

They both look like they are almost able to drive me to school.

I couldn’t resist Maddie’s (@maddiescookieco) Back to School cookies. I put them out for the kids to see in the morning.

Maddie’s Back to School “groovy” theme was so cute!

Travis got the kids off to school, and headed to school myself. Y’all, I can’t believe this is year 21 for me. Over the weekend, I cleaned out my bedside table (my final organizational task of the summer), and I found some old pictures…including this one of my first year teaching (2002-03). Check out that computer!

….and now!

Y’all, I was tired! Travis had been out of town since Saturday for work, so I was doing all the mom things + all the back to school teachers/mom things. Then, he got home home really late on Tuesday night (technically, Wednesday morning), so just didn’t get the best sleep. Truth be told, I always have trouble sleeping the night before school starts….back to school jitters, I guess.

Overall, it was a great day! It’s still weird for me not starting the year with classes full of students. Since I do intervention, teachers will start sending me students need week. That being said, I enjoyed helping students find their classes, passing out schedules, helping teachers, and whatever else needs to be done. It’s a great way to ease into the school year.

Back to School Interview:

I’m probably pressing my luck with the kids’ interviews, but here are the kids’ thoughts on heading back to school:

Hayden’s Thoughts:

  • As a 7th grader, I’m most excited about...being with my friends.
  • A goal I have this year isto get all A’s.
  • I think my favorite subject will beSocial Studies
  • One thing I’d like to get better at this yearturning my work in on time.
  • The first day of school was... fun.

Hadley’s Thoughts:

  • As a 7th grader, I’m most excited aboutbeing upstairs in the building.
  • A goal I have this year for every test.
  • I think my favorite subject will bemath.
  • One thing I’d like to get better at this yearstaying on top of my school work.
  • The first day of school waschaotic and energetic.

The first day of school meant pjs as soon as I got home and an easy slow cooker dinner.

I hope everyone is having an easy transition back to school!

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Friday Favorites {#117}

Hello and Happy Friday!

I have a full posts of favorites so I’m going to hop right in to the link up with Andrea and Erika.

Here are some favorites from the week:

Favorite Activities:

Hadley’s dance recitals were a highlight of the week for sure!

Hayden is playing summer basketball, and he had a couple of games this week. The summer league is super low key which is nice.

Hadley had another swim meet this week. The butterfly stroke is one that she’s been working on, and she finally got to swim it in the meet on Wednesday night.

She swam in two relays and then all four strokes, so she was a busy girl! The heat index was over 100 during the meet. I was about to jump in and join a relay!

Last Saturday, Hayden went to run on the track for his workout and took a detour at football camp. He saw Will Levis (QB for UK), and got his photo taken with him. He was so excited.

Favorite Summer Scents:

I really need to quit buying candles, but I couldn’t pass up the $11.95 sale on three wick candles at Bath and Body Works.

I specifically went into the store for the Champagne Toast and Fresh Orange candle. I love both of those scents, so I knew this would be a good one combined…and it is.

While I was there, I also picked up the peony candle and put it next to my Trader Joe’s peonies. (Tell me it’s summer without telling me it’s summer!)

Amazon Faves:

{Amazon Affiliate links}

I change out my garden flags pretty regularly, but I didn’t have one that was summery. This one arrived earlier in the week and is perfect for summer.

I got this dress last year and have worn in a ton.

I decided to wear it to Hadley’s recital with my new braided sandals.

Also, the dress is one I turn to time and time again. I’m actually thinking about ordering the pink or sleeveless version of it before vacay!

You all know that I share my Amazon purchases once a month, but I could’t wait to share these sandals. I wore them to her afternoon recital with white jeans and then again for the evening recital with the dress. After the recital, I was on my feet for a couple more hours at my friend’s birthday party, and they were so comfortable on my feet.

I originally ordered my regular size 9, but when they arrived, they fit…barely. My heel was right at the edge, so I thought I’d compare with a 9.5. That size wasn’t available anytime soon, so I tried the 9.5 wide. I don’t have a wide foot, but these fit perfectly…much better than the 9.

Since I couldn’t love these sandals more, I decided to go ahead and share now rather than wait for my July Prime Purchases post.

Other Faves:

My niece Layla turned five at the end of May, and was overdue for a birthday gift from us. On Monday, we hit the mall (along with Hadley, my mom, and my sister-in-law) for a quick lunch and then we stopped in the Plush Shop for her to pick out a gift. She came home with “Princess Owlette” (Also, don’t you love her princess necklace?)

On the way out, we picked up cookies for everyone at Great American Cookie as one more birthday treat.

Later that night, I got this photo at bedtime which I thought was really sweet.

My mom came to visit and was able to see both Hadley and Layla’s recitals as well as one of Hayden’s basketball games.

Last Sunday, my brother’s family and my mom joined us at Boonedogs for a late lunch. The food was good and the weather was really nice. The kids were able to run around for a bit too.

I got the Greek dog –with cucumbers, feta, sun dried tomato, garlic lemon sauce and fried capers. So good!

Last Friday, I shared some new fave Target pjs, but I also picked up this set. I’ve worn them almost every night, and a shameless amount of time during the day. The pink color is very summery, and the material is so soft. I did size down in this set.

top // shorts

Throw on some flip flops, and I feel like I could leave the house in these. 😆

Favorite Mom Meme:

Even as the kids have gotten older, this struggle is still very real!

Bonus Fave: Flashback Friday:

In honor of Father’s Day, here’s a throwback to probably 1982…back when the Major smoked a pipe and rocked a mustache!

…and this meme for fathers everywhere!

Weekly Recap:

Here are my posts from this week:

What are your weekend plans? Hayden has a race tomorrow, and then of course, we’ll celebrate Travis on Sunday for Father’s Day.

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Just Dance: Recital Recap

Hello from hot and muggy Lexington. 😩

Hadley had her dance recitals over the weekend, and we loved all her performances. Kind of like my baseball wrap-up for Hayden, I like to have all the dance memories in one place for Hadley as well.

There were three recital times: one on Friday evening and then one each on Saturday afternoon and evening. That meant three recitals practices for Hadley as well last week leading up to the recitals.

Friday night, Hadley just danced in the opening number and the finale, so I just dropped her off for that one and then caught the end of the recital after Hayden’s basketball game.

Saturday was a busier day with recitals at noon and 7:00. The noon recital was extra special because that’s when Hadley helped with her younger cousin’s class. Hadley also danced in the opening and finale numbers as well. My mom was in town to see Layla and Hadley’s Saturday performances.

Then, Saturday evening, Hadley had six dances overall! All the family was there, including Hayden! 😆

Recital Recap:

The opening number was one of the competition routines with all of the competition team members at the studio. It’s a fun, action-packed performance.

Then, Hadley danced in her other competition routine which was a small jazz ensemble performance. It’s one of my favorite dances, and Hadley has the opening turn to start the performance.

Great group of girls with their amazing teacher.

This was my favorite costume and Hadley wore it for jazz and ballet performances.

They did an awesome job.

Then, Hadley had her ballet performance before quickly changing for the finale.

Performance Photos:

Hadley and Layla after their routine on Saturday…

Lots of fun memories and family….

Of course we had to get flowers for our dancing queen!

…and a family photo…

Hayden obliged for a photo after Hadley’s final performance.

(Halfway through the Saturday evening performance, Hayden did ask for money for the concession stand…😂! (There were no snacks at the recital!)) Also, when Hadley asked which dance was his favorite, he mentioned “the tap routine with no music.” That was a great acapella performance by the older girls…but Hadley wasn’t in that one. Oh, brother!

Well, you’d think we’d have a bit of a dancing break, but Hadley signed up for hip hop and ballet conditioning this summer. It is only one night a week, and she loves being at the studio and dancing with her friends.

I always say that I’m not sure where Hadley got her rhythm and grace, but that she also has the heart of a dancer. She loves being up on that stage.

Thanks so much for reading.

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Friday Favorites {#116}

Hello and Happy Friday.

We had a good but busy summer week. Personally, it was nice to not get up and think about school, but I still had to set an alarm every morning due to Hadley’s activities.

Also, I’ve felt “off” all week. I guess it’s a summer cold, and Hadley has been dealing with congestion too. On top of having a sore throat and drainage, I was tired and sometimes achy. I did test neg for the Vid, so who knows! Maybe the hustle and bustle of the end of the school year caught up with me.

I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika for this week’s Friday Favorites.

Here are some favorites from the week:

I mentioned in Tuesday’s post that what was supposed to be a couple of hours at the pool Sunday turned into many hours at the pool and a Pina Colada with Trav.

Hadley has decided she wants to play volleyball again, so we signed her up for a camp this week with a friend. That meant 9-12 camp four days this week!

Hayden left on Monday to go to the lake with a friend, so I had lots of Hadley time this week.

After camp on Monday, we hit the mall for a few things and lunch in the food court. What is it about kids and the food court?! It seemed like a treat to her. haha

She has had dance recital practice three nights this week with the recital this weekend. It’s nice that she’s old enough to handle costume changes, but I definitely sweep in at the end to make sure she has everything!

Wednesday night’s recital practice included Hadley (and her friend) helping cousin Layla’s tap class up on stage. Super cute group of little ladies.

While at the lake, Hayden had so much fun with two of his friends. With limited WiFi, they had all kinds of good old fashioned fun. They swam, ran around, went in the kayaks and fished.

Hayden was so excited to catch a few fish (a first for him) including this large mouth bass.

On Wednesday, we celebrated our 3 year Homer-versary! Since we don’t know his actual birthday, we celebrate him on his “Gotcha Day,” and he obliges for a few photos in his birthday scarf thanks to a few treats!


He’s calmed down since we got him and is overall a pretty good boy (even though he destroyed a roll of toilet paper this week!)

Travis and I finally finished Season 4 of Ozark. I love me some Jason Bateman, but man, that show is intense! I wish it ended a bit differently, but I’m glad we finished the series. Now Travis and I need to find something else to watch together. Let me know if you have any recommendations!

Favorite Clothing Item:

Is anyone shocked that my favorite clothing item is a new pair of pjs?

I bought these a couple of weeks ago when both the top and the bottom were each on sale for $8. I’d pay full price for them though! They are cute and light-weight…perfect for summer!

I actually have this pair ready for pick up too. I will let you know how they are once I get them.

Favorite Mom Meme:

Me…all week!

Flashback Friday

In honor of Hadley’s dance recital this week, here’s a throwback to her first-ever dance recital in 2016! #pinchycheekcute

Weekly Recap:

I had a couple of link up posts this week as well as one other one:

Not Just a Mom

Also, before I go…we have our Not Just a Mom link up this coming Monday. The topic is dream travel locations.

If you are a blogger, we hope you join us! It’s the perfect topic as we dive into summer!

What are your plans for the weekend? We don’t have tons going on today, but Hadley will be a busy dancer this weekend! I can’t wait to see her routines!

Thanks so much for reading!

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Baseball Wrap Up


Well, this is probably a post that’s more for me than anyone else. I want to have all of my baseball memories in one spot!

Hayden headed into this spring baseball season with some hesitation. I think he was worried about juggling both track and baseball. I will say there weren’t any other kids on the middle school track team who played baseball. We got “lucky” with the schedule as he only missed one baseball game for a track meet, but it was a lot to juggle.

I did encourage him to finish up baseball with his 12-year-old season because I knew he’d have fun with his team, be a leader for the younger kids, and, honestly, I knew he still had some baseball left in him.

As the kids have gotten older, of course they’ve had to make decisions and start cutting out sports or activities because we can’t do all the things all the time! Hadley did gymnastics for a couple of years and stopped with Girl Scouts once she got to middle school while Hayden played soccer off and on for a few years. Hayden has really found his groove with running, and I think that will be a focus for him moving forward.

Baseball is the one sport that stuck with Hayden…for the past nine years.

Like many sports, baseball was an outlet for Hayden to temper his anxiety and shyness.

Like most things in life, Hayden started baseball with his sister by his side and some of his best baseball memories include Trav as his coach.

I will never forget seeing him on the pitcher’s mound for the first time. I texted Trav and said, “What (the heck) is he doing out there?” Trav said, “He wanted to try give it a try.” As an introvert on the mound, he blossomed with confidence after hearing, “Strikkkkeee!” for the first time.

From digging in the dirt to striking out batters…From t-ball to the Majors…From losses to wins and all the memories in between…Hayden has accomplished so much and made us very proud.

While he accomplished so much on the field, our hearts swelled with pride when he was given the Sportsmanship award last fall. I’m not entirely sure what goes on in a baseball dugout, but I love hearing him cheer for his teammates and give tips to the younger players.

Through the years…

…from the Mud Hens…

…to the Timber Rattlers…

…to the Twins…(how fitting!)

….to the Mariners…

…to Turkey Feet…

…and Crush in the summer…

Team Crush. Photos by Chet White

…to the Reds as an 11 and…

…12 year old…

Hayden has had quite the baseball “career.”

The last game:

Honestly, I’ve been a bit emotional this season…not necessarily tears, but just more about savoring each baseball moment. Every at bat, every play at first, and every pitch meant something a little bit more this season.

We snapped a photo before his end of season tournament game because you just never know when the last game will be.

Hayden played first which is where you’d usually find him if he wasn’t pitching this season.

He had a couple of great hits to do what he could for his team.

Ultimately, they lost, so Saturday was the end of the season. And…we were all ok! While a win would have been nice, it just wasn’t in the cards for the Reds that day.

A few fave photos through the years…

During one of Hayden’s coach pitch seasons, the Twins won the end of the season tournament.

Lots of memories with Hadley playing on the same team, digging in the dirt, Trav coaching third base, and post-season awards.

This is one of my favorite baseball photos that my talented brother-in-law snapped after a game when Hayden was 8 (I think!)

So many at bats, so many strike outs while pitching, and so much advice from Trav through the years…

Quite a few stolen bases too!

He played through many hot summer games and usually had a smile on his face. Those games provided additional memories for us as a family, more laundry for me, and a few rings and trophies for Hayden.

It’s been an honor to watch him grow, mature, and flourish on the field.

Hayden…We are proud of you. We’ll always be your biggest fans. No one supports you like your dad or loves you like your mom.

It’s been quite the ride, and there’s nothing better than seeing your kids have fun, learn life lessons, make choices, and grow into who they are supposed to be.

If you need me, you can find me clapping for Hadley after her upcoming recital and cheering for Hayden as he runs track, cross country, and up and down the court for basketball.

See you back here tomorrow for Friday Favorites.

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Friday Favorites {#115}

Hello and Happy Friday! This week was a good one, but it was a doozy! I was busy most of the week coordinating summer school while still also managing my kids’ busy social lives and schedules. I relied heavily on my mom friends, and I’m grateful for them!

Today, I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika for this week’s Friday Favorites.

Here are my favorites from the week:

On my weekly Trader Joe’s run, I saw this candle when I checked out. I picked one up. The Mango Tangerine scent is perfect for summer.

The studio dance photos came in this week, and they are so great!

Then, the moms split the cost on some of the group photos. This is such a great group of girls.

Swim team started this week for Hadley. She had her first swim meet on Wednesday night. This is her second year in the 11-12 age group, and she’s happy to be on the older end of the age group!

She definitely found her stride (stroke?! 😆) with each race on Wednesday. She swam free, back, breast, and free relay. She got second in the breast stroke and her relay team was first! The swim meets make for late evenings, but it’s always fun to watch them swim and improve each week.

While Hadley’s been swimming, Hayden has been busy at basketball camp during the day, and baseball at night.

Tuesday night was the last regular season game, and here is lucky number 7 up to bat.

The tournament starts this weekend, and then that’s a wrap on baseball for Hayden (forever?) #sadbaseballmom

Favorite Mom Meme:

This is me pretty often but definitely this week!

Bonus Fave: Flashback Friday:

In honor of the first swim meet of the season, here’s a throwback to the kids’ first ever swim meet in 2017. Hayden “retired” in 2019, but Hadley continues to swim and loves it.

Weekly Recap:

I had a couple of posts this week. Here they are:

I hope you have a great weekend! See you back here next week.

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Life Lately

Hello there!

I hope you had a great weekend. Memorial Day always kicks off summer, but it’s an important time to remember and honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms.

Memorial Day

It’s been a minute since I’ve shared a post, but today I’m getting caught up!

I’m sharing a bit of Life…lately.

A couple of weeks ago, Hadley attended a friend’s bat mitzvah, and looked so grown up!

She borrowed a dress from a friend, and then we ordered these cute shoes from Amazon. The outfit came together nicely. She had a great time with her friends.

We also had Youth Sunday at church. The kids all looked so grown up. Hayden handed out the bulletins and Hadley helped with offering.

It’s peony season at Trader Joe’s which I love!

Of course, we’ve had lots of sporting events including a recent CATS game. Travis took them, and Hadley sent me this photo. They had a great time.

Hayden was excited to get his baseball signed by a few players.

Then, we also watched my school’s baseball team the regional tournament.

We celebrated the last day of school. 6th grade seemed to fly by!

On Friday night, we went to see Top Gun Maverick.

It was SO good. I don’t know the last time I enjoyed a movie so much. I loved the nods to the first one, and we were on the edge of our seats with the action. The kids enjoyed it too.

They’ve been busy finishing up track season.

Two weekends ago they ran in a race just to get in more practice and work in speed. Then, this past Saturday, they ran in the state meet.

Both were in the 4×800 relay, but then Hadley got moved up from alternate to run the 4×400. So, Hadley ran in the first and last race of the meet. 😂 At least the weather was beautiful.

Anyway, they both did their part in they relays and ended on a high note for the season.

…and it’s officially summer. Of course, Memorial Day weekend is the most crowded, but we all went to the pool on Sunday and I had a skinny marg to kick off summer.

The kids spent a few hours there yesterday too, but I had a hair appointment and a few other errands like going to Trader Joe’s. Travis and I watched an episode of Ozark before grilling out for dinner.

With summer, I will still blog but it may be bit less…I will just see where the days take me…

Later this week, I will share the books I read in May and some Friday Favorites.

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School’s Out…for the Summer


It’s official…

Yesterday, I shared the end of the school year 6th grade interview, and today I’m sharing the last day of school photos.

first day:

vs. last day…

I knew Hayden grew this year, but the proof is in this photo from yesterday!


First vs. Last Day of 6th Grade:

Hayden was involved in:

  • Cross Country
  • Basketball
  • Track
  • Beta Club
  • Wyldlife


First vs. Last Day of 6th Grade:

Hadley was involved in:

  • Dance
  • Track
  • Chorus
  • Wyldlife
  • Student Council

When your mom is a teacher…

It’s probably both a blessing and a curse to have a mom as a teacher. When the year started, I wasn’t sure what to expect in regards to communication with teachers and classwork. Their school has two teams for each grade, and my kids were on the same team. The lead teacher sent daily emails with activities, assignments, and due dates. It was so nice because they had the same teachers which meant the same assignments and due dates. I got the notifications on assignments and grades. If an assignment was flagged missing, I definitely let my kids know.

This year, I really tried to help the kids stay organized and plan their time wisely. I encouraged them to talk to their teachers, ask questions, and advocate for themselves. Bless Hadley’s heart. Every year she wants all the colored pens, sticky notes, and cute folders that Target has to offer. While she does tend to stay pretty organized, some of that falls to the wayside as a school year continues. Hayden subscribes to “shove everything in my backpack even though I have folders and binders” method of organization. Aye yai yai!

While sometimes I felt like we had to talk with them a bit too much about expectations, I also know that if we didn’t teach them these skills, then who would?

In the teaching world, we use “gradual release model” as best practice with our students. This year felt a lot like “I do” (in regards to teaching expectations and academic habits) and now we will work towards “we do” and “you do” in 7th and 8th grades. 😉I’m hoping some of these habits will roll into next year, and the kids will know how to manage their time, study, and meet deadlines with less help from Travis or myself.

The kids learned so much this year. It’s a big transition moving from elementary school with one teacher to having 8 classes in a day. Also, with 8 different teachers come a variety of expectations and procedures. They ended the first quarter at home for two weeks with Covid. That being said, both kids made the Honor Roll every quarter and their grades continued to improve throughout the year. The kids are both pretty well-rounded, and with the transition to middle school and as active as they are, I will take it.

Middle school can be a really difficult time for kids. I continue to be thankful for the community of people that it takes to keep my kids headed in the right direction. From teachers to coaches to family and parents of friends, it definitely takes a village, and I appreciate everyone’s help!

I’m going to take a few blogging days off as I finish up the odds and ends of the school year and just take a moment to decompress from the weight of the world right now.

Thanks so much for reading.