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Not Just a Mom: Busy Nights

Hello and Happy Monday! I know most people either love Mondays or hate them. I fall somewhere in between, but today I’m loving this Monday. Even though fall break is now over, this is the first Monday in almost three weeks that all of my family is going to school or work after being sick and/or in quarantine. Travis went back to work last Monday, Hayden went back to school last Tuesday, and now it’s Hadley’s turn to head back to school. Hallelujah!

Today is our Not Just a Mom link up, and I’m co-hosting with these lovely ladies:

Our topic this month is: how we handle busy nights.

Well, I know this is shocking, but I always have a plan! 😂

Every Sunday, I write our weekly activities and dinner plans on our fridge calendar. I always try to use my slow cooker or have leftovers on busy nights, so I plan those meals accordingly.

Also, if we are double booked with the kids, I make sure Travis can pick up or take one of the kids while I handle the other one’s activities. Also, I have a great group of mom friends, and if we can carpool, we do.

If our evening is so busy that we don’t have time to come home after school or between activities, I pack a few snacks for the kids to grab if needed. I try to make those options as healthy as possible: granola bar, Chomps, cuties, variety pack of chips, etc. That way they eat something somewhat healthy to hold them over until dinner.

Also, if needed, I make sure the kids have practice clothes laid out (or packed) in the morning, so we can use our time as efficiently as possible after school.

Since the kids are in middle school now, they have to manage their time wisely with completing homework on busy nights. On Sunday, we try to look at their evenings and deadlines for assignments, so they know on less busy nights, they may need to complete more work to make up for more hectic evenings when they may have less time to complete schoolwork.

…and then…

What about you? How do you handle busy nights? I will take any tips I can get!

Next month’s topic is: favorite small shops.

Make sure check out everyone’s posts. I hope you have a great week!

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17 thoughts on “Not Just a Mom: Busy Nights

  1. Happy Everyone Back to Routine Day! Very smart to do that on Sundays! I am still getting used to only worrying about myself. I prep meals for breakfast and lunch but need to put more thought into dinners. I think it’s so easy for just two but I still need a plan! Rarely do I go back out Monday – Thursday this year.

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    1. I still need to do better about meal prep on Sunday. Most Mondays are leftovers for dinner, so I try prep a bit during that time when I don’t have to cook. I know my kids do better eating when I’ve cut up the veggies as a choice.


      1. I need to plan our dinners I think. Or, like Erica is doing, have the lunch for dinner the night before, too. That is the smartest and most efficient. I love having a dedicated leftover night. I think Sunday or Monday is great because we usually have weekend leftovers.

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  2. Yep, lists and planning! We also used to divide and conquer either by each taking a kid or I’d handle drop off then head home to make dinner while my husband did pick up.

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  3. Hooray for everyone back to school!! That is the best news around! I can’t believe I missed the link up again. I’ll pop back in before the week ends. Your plan is a good one to pick meals around activities. I struggle to use my slow cooker if it isn’t cold out. I need to look for more warm weather meals. Thanks for hosting!

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  4. I like the idea of looking at the calendar all together so everyone knows what’s up. We plan our meals together monthly but only tend to discuss the next day at supper the night before.

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