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Watching and Listening

With school back in session, I haven’t had as much time to read, watch TV, or listen to podcasts, but I’m sharing some of the recent shows I’ve been watching and podcasts I’ve been listening to lately.


  • Virgin River: Travis and I are mid-way through season 2, and I still really love this show. It’s sweet and simple, and I’m always rooting for Mel and Jack.
  • Titletown High: Travis was watching the first episode of this series, and I started watching it too. Maybe it’s my love for all things Friday Night Lights and Coach Taylor, but I always end up interested in these types of shows that follow sports teams and players.
  • Mare of Easttown: This is another show that both Travis and I watched this summer. I had purchased a month of HBO to watch the Friends reunion, and then we also watched Mare. I love Kate Winslet and this dark crime drama kept us interested until the very last episode. By the way, I thought there were ten episodes, and at the end of the seventh episode, I turned to Travis and said, “Well, that seemed like the end!” Then, I realized, it was the end! haha
  • Luke Bryan: My Dirt Road Diary: I love Luke Bryan, and binged his documentary a couple of weekends ago. He’s lost so many loved ones: his brother, his sister, and his brother-in-law. To see his musical career journey told by him as well as those who love and support him, was inspiring. His country, good ol’ boy accent is hard to resist! You can tell he loves his family deeply, and takes the responsibility of being there for his nieces, nephew, and parents very seriously.
  • The Goldbergs: As a family, we all love this show, but Hayden and I especially do. Somehow, we got very behind on last season. With the next season starting soon, Hayden and I watched quite a few episodes over the weekend. My family likes to joke that I have a bit of Beverly Goldberg in me ๐Ÿ˜‰


  • House Hunters: Kind of random, but if I have a few minutes to kill, I will watch an episode of House Hunters. I’ve loved this show for years!


  • The Bestie Breakdown: I read Erika and Shay‘s blogs daily, and their podcast is fun to listen to. They “break down” topics such as vacations, exercise, social media, friendship, Botox and more. I enjoy listening to their conversations!
  • Even the Rich: I’ve been an Even the Rich fan for a while, but I don’t listen to every season. I’ve just finished listening to the Back to Bennifer episodes, and enjoyed other seasons like: Free Britney, Beyonce’ and Jay-Z, Diana and Meghan and more.
  • Always Hungry: I love these short episodes with Bobby Flay and his daughter Sophie. They always talk about a food topic like pasta, cookbooks, tacos, and more! while cooking during the episodes. I like that most of the episodes are less than 30 minutes which makes them easy to listen to while making dinner or going for a walk.
  • Pod Save the Queen: This is a new podcast for me, and I’ve enjoyed it. It’s all about the Royal family, so that’s always of interest to me!
  • Calm Down: Lastly, I don’t miss an episode of Calm Down with Erin and Charissa. They are so fun to listen to. They always catch up with each other, interview guests, and have the guests give out a Calm Down award at the end of the episode. These two are funny and mildly inappropriate! haha I just always feel like I’m listening to a conversation between two really great friends!

What are you watching and listening to right now? I’d love to add to my list!

8 thoughts on “Watching and Listening

  1. Loved Mare. Some podcasts I enjoy, The Reading League Podcast (professional), Reading Teacher’s Lounge ( professional), The Fitnessista Podcast, Ten Things To Tell You, Sorta Awesome,Woen’s Health, Sharon Says So, Living with Landyn and my favorite The Big Boo Cast.

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    1. So many awesome recommendations. Thank you! I love landynโ€™s podcast too, but she hasnโ€™t had any new episodes lately. She said she will have new ones again in 2022. Iโ€™m definitely your professional podcast suggestions!


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