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Operation Makeup Reorganization

Hey there!

Let me go ahead and say that never in a million years did I ever think I’d have a blog post dedicated to makeup. But, really, the post is about makeup purging and reorganizing. Organizing is definitely up my alley. Makeup is not!

Hadley can do hair and makeup better than I can thanks to You Tube and whatever other sources she can find. I am not one of her sources 😉 (Also, she doesn’t really wear makeup–I just mean she’s way more up to speed on the hair and makeup scene!)

A little back story: Since March, I’ve been having trouble with my eye lids. They randomly get itchy and irritated. The doctor prescribed me an ointment that helps, but occasionally I have a flair up. I noticed during the summer it wasn’t happening as often, and I don’t wear make up most days during the summer. This made me think about the last time I’ve changed out my makeup brushes and eye shadows.

I’m not proud, but this was the state of my makeup bag:

It’s technically a travel bag that I bought three years ago before going on a trip and then continued to use it. At some point, a glittery eye shadow broke, so there was glitter that would get on the brushes and the inside of the bag was a mess as well. I don’t wear very many products anyway, but some were not used much over the summer when I wear less make up.

The reason I purchased this new makeup bag (It has a few color options) was because it had the clear compartment to hold some of my daily and smaller items like nasal spray, tweezers, hair clips and more.

I purchased this pack of brushes and makeup sponges. I just needed a fresh start, and I need to make a point to clean them regularly and even switch them out every few months.

Let me tell you how novice I am with makeup. I read the little pamphlet that came with the pack that says which brush is used for what! haha

Again, I tossed my previous eye shadows, and purchased this eye shadow palette. I’m a neutral girl, so I thought these shades would work best, and I’m definitely pleased.

This is the finished, organized product:

Ahh…so much better!

I kept all my random items in the top clear compartment.

Then, a feature I hadn’t thought about that I now appreciate is the fact that I can use the loops to hold my brushes as well as my under eye corrector and concealer. That way, things stay nice and tidy.

I never thought I’d do a blog post on makeup, but honestly, tossing the old stuff, getting organized, and starting fresh is one of those chores that I dragged my feet about doing, but it feels so good to have it done. That being said, here are the linked products in case you are interested:

makeup bag // brush set // eye shadow palette

What are some of your makeup must haves? I need all the help I can get…just ask Hadley 😂

See you back here tomorrow for Friday Favorites.

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6 thoughts on “Operation Makeup Reorganization

  1. I really need to do this! That is so horrible about your eyelids. I hope it doesn’t happen with your new stuff. Right now I am only doing eyebrows and eyes due to the mask. I still love my Maskara/Seint makeup for maskless Times. It is so fast and looks really good. I have many products I need to toss. Maybe this weekend! The young girls know so much!

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    1. I was so surprised at what all I threw away and I don’t even wear that much! I guess because makeup isn’t a real priority for me, I don’t take them time to do much about it. I will have to check out your makeup Fave


      1. Things really accumulate. I had an Ipsy subscription and that caused me to have a lot! If you are really interested in Seint, my college friend comes to Lex. a lot because she is from there and her mom lives there. She can also color match you from a selfie. It is reasonably priced and you dot or streak the makeup on and then use the brush to blend. Your foundation, blush, bronzer is all done at once!

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  2. Yes, same. I don’t have any irritations at the moment but my make up bag sat untouched from March 2020 until just a couple of weeks ago when I started back to the office a few times a week. I could do a major overhaul!

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